Saturday, May 22, 2010

052005 :]

so thursday was me and aj's 5 year anniversary. we semi spontaniously went to the beach adn had vietnamese food after. [[pretty mucha perfect date :] well, anything involving the beach and good food is a perfect date for me ahah]]
we're probably gonna have another semi spontanous trip to the beach later on this week with our other couple friends cuz all our finals will pretty much be done. i'm looking forward to it.

[[that's me on the left and aj on the right. just so you know ;] haha]]
after we left the beach i realized that i should've taken a que from the clothes horse and made a gif of this lovely picture but hopefully we'll be able to take another like this later on this week.

we had to stay on the dog beach side of the beach cuz the human side had some currents going on and the dog side kind of had this little trench going around it with some kiddie pools along the way. [[the water was a lot warmer there than the actual ocean itself [[o yea, did i tell you this was like, 8-9ish in the morning when we went??]] and we ended up warming up there after we had enough of taking a beating from the ocean.]]

also tried to use aj as a human tripod to take some quick outfit shots [[cuz i think i dressed up pretty good for the occasion yea?]] but it didn't really go as well as i'd planned :/

there were a bunch of little half shells of itty bitty clams in the sand as well as the occasional mussel shell. there were also tiny crabs digging into the sand when the waves came in and aj and i tried to dig after them with our feet but i got creeped out when i dug up a lot and ran away. lol

i love my boyfriend x]

nom nom nom vietnamese egg rolls :9 i love these and get these all the time.

052005 :] my favorite holiday

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

i love my...

DOGS!!! :D
my cute little dogs frisco and new puppy zorro :]
yea... sorry this picture isn't that clear... i have better ones i promise :]
this is zorro. i got him a couple of days before thanksgiving last year. so he's about 7 months right now. we got him from one of my mom's friends whose dogs just had puppies. he was a really itty bitty thing when we first got him. i could hold his whole body in both in my hands with not much difficulty and could easily smuggle him in my purse.
originally we thought he was a chihuahua puppy but over the months that belief was totally destroyed. haha
he used to make our dog frisco look like a great dane and frisco isn't really that tall either! but now zorro is pretty much taller than frisco and my mom is betting me that he'll grow up to be a much bigger dog. [[i highly doubt that]]
he kind of has separation anxiety and misses me terribly when i'm gone and he follows me absolutely everywhere when i'm home it's the exact opposite of frisco who is totally independant. zorro sleeps in my bed with me and usually like to sleep next to me.
i kind of think he's also socially awkward cuz it's terriblely shy of new people and animals but i'm trying to socailize him more so he won't be crazy when he gets older. lol

of all the dogs that i've had, i'll have to say that this guy is pretty much my favorite :]
cuz mostly my other dogs were outside dogs and weren't really allowed inside and regretfully never really spent that much time with them :(
we first got frisco from my cousin cuz he used to belong to her. she kind of got him as a graduation present after high school and she was supposed to go to a college in san francisco and that's where frisco's name came from. she also got him from one of her friends as well.
we was the HYPEREST puppy i've ever seen and he was an absolutely adorable puppy :]
he was like a kangaroo born in a dog's body he could jump so high!
he used to be an outside dog when i got him and i didn't really spend that much time with him either. he used to hang out with another older dog named lacey, but when she died he kind of made his way inside the house somehow.
he's pretty smart and i've taught him a number of tricks. i'm really proud of him cuz of how loyal and smart he is :] he's also really pretty too cuz of his shiny fur [[gee i hope i don't sound like a crazy dog lady o___o]]
i know before i got zorro i was trying to teach him how to get stuff from the cabinet downstairs and bring it to me haha. we were pretty close too! he catches on pretty fast ;]
he's spent the most time with me cuz i'm usually stuck at home a lot so we usually just chill around the house and teach him tricks
haha "z for zorro!!"

so i really hope i didn't sound like a crazy dog lady. [[i spend a lot of time with my dogs cuz i'm stuck at home like i said so they keep me company :] ]] and i think next week, i'll think of something better to blog about on here. lol

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

shoppin my closet till i drop

shopped my closet this weekend before i went to my aunt's gold party [[they were fundrasing for the susan g coleman foundation by selling their old gold/silver jewelry]] and while i was waiting for my mom to wake up from her well deserved nap

[[jacket-f21, tank-calvin klein, necklace-birthday gift, vintage belt, shorts-massimo, studded flats-dollhouse]]

i ended up wearing this to my aunt's gold party except i hid under my photo club sweater like this:

yea...only i didn't wear the tights cuz it was pretty warm to be wearing tights. plus this is my favorite hoodie. :] imiss photo club.. :{ a lot of my friends were in there i even customized the back where it listed all the members in the club with little hearts next to my friends names :] [[though i'm not done yet... -,-]]

[[shirt-oneil, skirt-cotton on, necklace-brithday gift, polka dot tights-target, studded flats-dollhouse]]

another outfit with my fireworks skirt. you know i've really grown quite fond of this skirt. it's really fun to wear and surprisingly versitile what with it's multi-colored-ness :] i also love how it poses a challenge to me whenever i decide to wear it.
do i wear it with a plain tee? mix some prints? or a band tee? [[i should probably do a remix entry for this skirt. that should be fun :D ]]
i posted up the last outfit i made with it on my chictopia and i got some pretty positive comments and thought i'd venture into my closet again and see what i come up with. thankfully people think it's a win so i'm glad! :D [[no fshion faux pas for me! those days are o-ver!]]

[[top-hand me down, everything else-see above]]
i had gotten this top from my cousin eliza [[whom i call ate liza [[ate-pronounced "ah-teh" which means big sister in filipino]] i think, about a month ago so i was trying to figure out how or what i was gonna wear it with. i was also experimenting with the tights and shorts trend that's been going around lately and i thought these looked pretty good together. right?
but at the moment, i'm still not as confident as i hoped to wear this out. plus i'm also at odds end with the sleeves/straps of this thing. i don't know whether or not they're supposed to hang around my shoulders or not. it's kinda confusing :/

[[tee-hot topic]]
also let out my inner nerd by dressing up in my last halloween costume. A HARRY POTTER NERD! :D i love you harry x]
i wanted to take it with my favorite harry potter book but i really just couldn't decide >___< i love them all! :D haha so i jsut grabbed the one that was closest to

[[skull ring-adventureland in disneyland, watch ring-my mom's,bag-gift]]
my favorite rings. :]
i wore these yesterday. come to think of it, i was kind of in a white and gold feeling that day. i also had a gold necklace too.
my mom brought some of her old gold jewelry to sell [[ended up getting $120 to donate so i'm glad :) ]]
the watch ring is one of my favortie pieces from my mom's small jewelry collection. it was given to her from her friend percy and was originally meant as a necklace with the chain laced through it but i have no idea where it went now. either way, i'm pretty glad that i saved it from being sold cuz i've always loved it since i was little and now i get to call it my own :] the watch itself doesn't work anymore[[i think it might be the battery. i think i might get it fixed someday so it'll be more than a ring]]

i've actually gotten some pretty good ideas for posts here like:
-spam masubi how to [[maybe vid? idk]] for my friend janel or anybody else who wants to learn
-"i love my..."post where i'll talk about, well, something that i love. either it be a clothing item, my dog, person, etc.
-flashback photos cuz i feel like jumping on the band wagon with the other bloggers.

so....stay tuned! ;D