Wednesday, March 17, 2010

monotone lunch

hmmm first blog post. ;]

went to my local japanese store with my friends rochelle and jan over the weekend and bought a whole bunch of japanese goodies :]

-new bento box [[which i am using today]]
-a domo kun and totoro shirt
-and a japanese fashion magazine with some amazing ideas for outfits!

then galavanted on causing some hilarious antics with rochelle's new puppy teddy jr :] lol

also, in attempting to create a fashion blog i wore this:

only sans heels [[can you imagine shopping for how long in heels?? idk how some girls can do it!]] and in my uniform blue flats.
when i have a favorite pair of shoes, i will wear the heck out of them. well, at least now they're more comfy. they used to feel like bear traps when they were still new. haha
but hey, what's wrong with being comfortable :]

i love ny shirt-"borrowed" from my cousin
black pencil skirt- target
black heels- journey's
necklace -francessca's collections

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  1. oo welcome to the blogging world, i love the new york t-shirt, its an awesome design.