Thursday, March 25, 2010

new good things :]

i’ve been on the look out for brand new music and fashion inspiration and the music thing is going kinda slow, but the fashion inspiration is always something i can depend on to keep on coming:]

it’s mostly been coming in on fashion blogs and chictopia [[which i haven’t updated on with a forrreal outfit in a while]]. i’ve usually been using them as a stepping stone. kind of taking what they’re wearing and making it my own by using other pieces that look good on me.

since i don’t have interneet at my house, i usually check out all my inspiration at school and sometimes when i see a whole bunch of outifts that inspirre me or make me wanna try it out i get all excited that i just wanna run home and experiment. x]

but unfortunatly i have to wait several hours to do so xc … but i mostly save the imaages onto my computer to see later :] and aat this rate i’m gonna need an external memory thing…

o well, anywoo, i g2g and will blog again soon :]

btw, i got my blue circle lenses in the mail on monday and contact lenses are such a new thing to me it's crazy 8| but hopfully i'll get better at it :]

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