Tuesday, April 13, 2010

it rained love that day :]

my birthday was last saturday and i had a big ol picnic with my fav people [[my friends and fam]] and i don't really know what it is about birthdays, but they just make me feel so damn loved :3
anywoo, we had it at a marina park in a little place in san diego called seaport village. [[when coming to san diego, that is one of the places to see and is a one of the top destinations for photo ops]] and had a grand ol time. undoubtedly we all took a lot of pictures, but i think all the pictures would be a bit much for my blog. [[plus i'm still waiting for some of my other friends to post up some of the pictures so i can "steal" tghem and post them up here.]]
but for now, i'll post up some of the stuff i got for my birthday cuz they're jsut all really cute :]

an ice cream cone ballon in my fav flavors since i'm lactose intolerant. thanks guys! :D

a vintage flower vase which is totally gonna become a family heirloom when i get my own family :}

a swallow and birdcage necklace from my neice leanza :]

a bedazzled sunglass necklace [[so glam!! i'm even wearing it right now!]]

a rosary from one of my best friends jan :] [[we kinda have an inside joke about rosaries and hot topic and her grandma so that's probably why she got it for me]] i really love the length of it cuz i'm kind of a long necklace kinda girl and i think it looks pretty cool when it's long like this :]

a pair of handmade vintage earrings from my friend charlene [[she has an etsy people!! buy from her!!]] it's really pretty and i wore it to church this past sunday with my white f21 dress. [[though i forgot to take a picture of my whole outfit with the earrings on when i took this picture last night]]

paintings made by my friend angeli. they're so amazing! i am basically amazed when people make like, hand made things and original pieces like what angeli and charlene did. i'll probably, evetually get one of angeli's paintings/drawings tattooed on me or soemthing. theyr'e jsut that cool [[also, sorry that the picture is kidna blurry. i took it with my camera phone. my reg digi cam kinda sucks so i'm kinda saving up for a new one atm]]

another one of angeli's paintings. i love how two of the foxes are wearing sweaters [[i watched fantastic mr fox the other day as well so the painting kinda reminded me of it so that made me smile a little more than i already was :]]] i'm also loving all the little details as well. cuz when you realize how long it takes to actually do all that stuff, you kinda appreciate it more.

absolutely alice nail polish from opi that my cousin yvanna got me a week ago before my birthday and an alice in wonderland pin from disneyland when she was there last friday. i thought she coordinated her presents really well but then i thought again and she probably didn't even notice that she had even done that. she just knows i love alice :]

well, that's it for now, i'll post up more pictures as soon as i can ;]

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