Thursday, April 29, 2010

cute noms :3

i'm kinda weird when it comes to my hobbies cuz my interests change quite frequently. like right now, i'm really getting into baking.
my two older cousins, eliza and michelle used to bake and make cakes all the time when they used to live in my aunties house, but they still do that at their homes after they moved out, but i still miss it :[
a month ago i finally bought myself a wisk and icing spatula [[cuz mixing batter with a fork is just totally lame >:| and you just can't cover enough of the cake or whatever with a butter knife =____=; ]] at ross and i used it to bake my birthday cake a couple of weeks ago. haha isn't that kinda sad that i had to bake my own birthday cake?? [[i'm super lactose intolerant so it's kind of too much of a hassle to order one. plus it's a lot more fun to personalize it yourself :] ]]

[[p.s. the chocolate icing i used didn't have any milk in it and it's one of those popular mass produced ones!! scooore! haha]]

i also watch ace of cakes whenever i can and if it's a new episode. i mean, cmon! how can you not get inspired by that show?? shows like that just make you want to go out and start your own bakery! :D all they're fondante stuff looks super cute too :] also whenever i watch it, i'm also surprised how much math and sci actually go into some of they're cakes. it's pretty crazy. like some of their architechture cakes. whoa!

i also saw this one episode of las chicas project where they went to a vegan bakery called bleeding hearts bakery and there was this one cake ABSOLUTELY covered in sprinkles and i've been thinking about it everytime i hit up the cake aisle when i go grocery shopping. i can't find a picture of it online unfortunatly but if you guys know what i'm talking about. then, yeeeeeaaa ;D
i've been itching to get some proper cake pans for a while now. nothing fancy, just your basic circle and square ones. also a proper cupcake pan. i bought a silicone one a long time ago, biiiig mistake. the cupcakes stuck to it and ended up looking stupid that even my dad didn't want to eat it. [[that's when you know it's wack ahah]]
right now i'm thnking about having a another girl day with my friends jan rochelle and just be all 50's and girly and bake cakes and cupcakes [[anyone having a bake sale?? ;D haha]]
i saw a blog on my xanga about some really creative cakes and it's just making me even more anxious to start baking x] i've also googled "cute cupcakes" and indeed, i saw some pretty cute cupcakes [[prepare for cute overload!]]
alike so:

i want these cupcakes! they look so yummy and chic! plus i adore chanel so how can i possibly resist?? >:9

ok, how can you say no to these?? so adorable! who doesn't think food with cute anime like faces are cute?

some of these cupcakes just speak for themselves. like "hii! i'm super cute and tasty! eaaattt meeee! >:D" haha

this is totally clever and i would definitly make this for the nerd in my life and maybe for my adorable nephews

so maybe these might not be the cutest cupcakes to, mmm maybe most of you guys, but i'm a sucker for domo-kun and his silly shinanigans. sorry if they're a bit scary but they literally made me lol when i saw them.

i just like these cuz i thought the color of the icing is really pretty :] [[note to self:get those piping nozzles!]] sometimes less=more :]

maybe next time when i got to michael's or ross [[where i got my wisk and spatula]] or walmart/target i'll buy myself some proper baking gear. [[maybe i'll make myself a cute little ruffled apron a la alice in wonderland! been wanting one of those too forEVER!]]

i guess the artist in me just wants to be challenged cuz i haven't really drawn or painted or pretty much anything in a long time and i guess styling myself just insn't enough. on to the next thing! baaaaking!! >:D
so hopfully the girls and i can do this in the next couple of weeks when we hang out. i'm excited! :D

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