Tuesday, April 20, 2010

universal studios!! :D

i really need to start updating this more...

anywoo, went to universal studios with my family a couple of weeks ago and had a pretty good time. i haven't been there in YEARS!! and i can't believe how much has changed! they took out so many rides ;____; [[e.t. went home....]] and i don't know if it was me or not, but was universal always that small? o___O
but still, it was fun to go to hollywood just the same. seeing that hollywood sign [[sans smog]] just makes you feel like dreamin :] i also kinda hoped that maybe we'd be exploring hollywood itself [[and maybe sneak away and look for kat von d's tattoo shop ;D i want to get my tattoo already! >___<]] but we just headed to universal studios.

btw, this is what i wore:

the jacket was my cousin matthews that he hasn't worn since elem school so i saved it :] also made the crazy decision of wearing my new studded flats which ended up making me feel as if i had been wearing a bear trap all day...but i thought i still looked cute ;]

one of the first "rides" we went on was the tram tour of the studios. there was so much film hist around there i felt like my eyes had turned into saucers the whole tour. i also wished i had 360 vision so i could see what was around me. so amazing!

this was supposed to be the part where jaws came out and "ate somebody" and came towards us [[it all looked so fake it was kinda funny. lol]] also, sorry that the pictures look so crappy. my digi camera is old and was not up for an adventure filled day so i took all of these w my camera phone c{:

bet you guys know where this is frooom ;] PSYCHO!! [[unfortunatly i have not had the pleasure of watching the whole thing but i still appreciate the film as a piece of american iconography. plus i like how movies were shot back then]] in hindsight, i kind of regret not taking this photo in b&w. that would've been awesome!
plus idk if you can see norman bates there carrying out a body out of the motel there but that was taking place when we drove by
there was a part when the tram went to the flooded subway studio and the tour guide said that a scene from "bones" was shot there, i totally geeked out and screamed and pretty much the whole tram heard me. haha

eventually made our way down to the lower level and there is this abnormally long succession of escalators and stairs.

the famous cousin yvanna and i messing around on the escalators since the had two right next to each other going the same direction

when we got down there, we made a bee line for the jurassic park ride. the line was pretty long so just ended up taking gurilla shots of yvanna [[shes gonna get mad me if she sees that i posted up a pic of her on my blog. ahha but she's so pretty :] ]]

the anticipation! [[though i must say, i was a bit disappointed i didn't get soaked like how i had expected...:sigh: o well]]

krustyland which replaced the back to the future ride. a bit sad that it's gone but the simpson's ride was actually pretty funny and very fun as well :] my cousins aren't really allowed to watch the simpsons [[which is a crying shame btw]] and they showed clips from the show while we were all waiting in line so everybody in line was pretty much laughing :]
after a while i got tired of taking pictures and just enjoyed the park and ended it with a delicious panda candy apple [[apple+caramel+mashmallow creme+finely crushed oreos= kawaii party in my mouth! :D]] i miss it and i'll probably end up trying to make out myself one day. one day...

the end :]

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