Saturday, May 22, 2010

052005 :]

so thursday was me and aj's 5 year anniversary. we semi spontaniously went to the beach adn had vietnamese food after. [[pretty mucha perfect date :] well, anything involving the beach and good food is a perfect date for me ahah]]
we're probably gonna have another semi spontanous trip to the beach later on this week with our other couple friends cuz all our finals will pretty much be done. i'm looking forward to it.

[[that's me on the left and aj on the right. just so you know ;] haha]]
after we left the beach i realized that i should've taken a que from the clothes horse and made a gif of this lovely picture but hopefully we'll be able to take another like this later on this week.

we had to stay on the dog beach side of the beach cuz the human side had some currents going on and the dog side kind of had this little trench going around it with some kiddie pools along the way. [[the water was a lot warmer there than the actual ocean itself [[o yea, did i tell you this was like, 8-9ish in the morning when we went??]] and we ended up warming up there after we had enough of taking a beating from the ocean.]]

also tried to use aj as a human tripod to take some quick outfit shots [[cuz i think i dressed up pretty good for the occasion yea?]] but it didn't really go as well as i'd planned :/

there were a bunch of little half shells of itty bitty clams in the sand as well as the occasional mussel shell. there were also tiny crabs digging into the sand when the waves came in and aj and i tried to dig after them with our feet but i got creeped out when i dug up a lot and ran away. lol

i love my boyfriend x]

nom nom nom vietnamese egg rolls :9 i love these and get these all the time.

052005 :] my favorite holiday

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