Tuesday, May 4, 2010

shoppin my closet till i drop

shopped my closet this weekend before i went to my aunt's gold party [[they were fundrasing for the susan g coleman foundation by selling their old gold/silver jewelry]] and while i was waiting for my mom to wake up from her well deserved nap

[[jacket-f21, tank-calvin klein, necklace-birthday gift, vintage belt, shorts-massimo, studded flats-dollhouse]]

i ended up wearing this to my aunt's gold party except i hid under my photo club sweater like this:

yea...only i didn't wear the tights cuz it was pretty warm to be wearing tights. plus this is my favorite hoodie. :] imiss photo club.. :{ a lot of my friends were in there i even customized the back where it listed all the members in the club with little hearts next to my friends names :] [[though i'm not done yet... -,-]]

[[shirt-oneil, skirt-cotton on, necklace-brithday gift, polka dot tights-target, studded flats-dollhouse]]

another outfit with my fireworks skirt. you know i've really grown quite fond of this skirt. it's really fun to wear and surprisingly versitile what with it's multi-colored-ness :] i also love how it poses a challenge to me whenever i decide to wear it.
do i wear it with a plain tee? mix some prints? or a band tee? [[i should probably do a remix entry for this skirt. that should be fun :D ]]
i posted up the last outfit i made with it on my chictopia and i got some pretty positive comments and thought i'd venture into my closet again and see what i come up with. thankfully people think it's a win so i'm glad! :D [[no fshion faux pas for me! those days are o-ver!]]

[[top-hand me down, everything else-see above]]
i had gotten this top from my cousin eliza [[whom i call ate liza [[ate-pronounced "ah-teh" which means big sister in filipino]] i think, about a month ago so i was trying to figure out how or what i was gonna wear it with. i was also experimenting with the tights and shorts trend that's been going around lately and i thought these looked pretty good together. right?
but at the moment, i'm still not as confident as i hoped to wear this out. plus i'm also at odds end with the sleeves/straps of this thing. i don't know whether or not they're supposed to hang around my shoulders or not. it's kinda confusing :/

[[tee-hot topic]]
also let out my inner nerd by dressing up in my last halloween costume. A HARRY POTTER NERD! :D i love you harry x]
i wanted to take it with my favorite harry potter book but i really just couldn't decide >___< i love them all! :D haha so i jsut grabbed the one that was closest to me...lol

[[skull ring-adventureland in disneyland, watch ring-my mom's,bag-gift]]
my favorite rings. :]
i wore these yesterday. come to think of it, i was kind of in a white and gold feeling that day. i also had a gold necklace too.
my mom brought some of her old gold jewelry to sell [[ended up getting $120 to donate so i'm glad :) ]]
the watch ring is one of my favortie pieces from my mom's small jewelry collection. it was given to her from her friend percy and was originally meant as a necklace with the chain laced through it but i have no idea where it went now. either way, i'm pretty glad that i saved it from being sold cuz i've always loved it since i was little and now i get to call it my own :] the watch itself doesn't work anymore[[i think it might be the battery. i think i might get it fixed someday so it'll be more than a ring]]

i've actually gotten some pretty good ideas for posts here like:
-spam masubi how to [[maybe vid? idk]] for my friend janel or anybody else who wants to learn
-"i love my..."post where i'll talk about, well, something that i love. either it be a clothing item, my dog, person, etc.
-flashback photos cuz i feel like jumping on the band wagon with the other bloggers.

so....stay tuned! ;D


  1. Those rings are gorgeous. I'm going to have to Google them to see where I can buy them! xx
    PS Hi from Scotland.

  2. I love the fireworks skirt outfit. I really like to mismatch patterns.

  3. @sarah thanks :] for the skull ring you might want to check if disneyland/world has an online store and see if they're still selling those

    @passport smiles why thank you! :D i'll try and post up more fireworks skirts outfits soon :]