Tuesday, May 11, 2010

i love my...

DOGS!!! :D
my cute little dogs frisco and new puppy zorro :]
yea... sorry this picture isn't that clear... i have better ones i promise :]
this is zorro. i got him a couple of days before thanksgiving last year. so he's about 7 months right now. we got him from one of my mom's friends whose dogs just had puppies. he was a really itty bitty thing when we first got him. i could hold his whole body in both in my hands with not much difficulty and could easily smuggle him in my purse.
originally we thought he was a chihuahua puppy but over the months that belief was totally destroyed. haha
he used to make our dog frisco look like a great dane and frisco isn't really that tall either! but now zorro is pretty much taller than frisco and my mom is betting me that he'll grow up to be a much bigger dog. [[i highly doubt that]]
he kind of has separation anxiety and misses me terribly when i'm gone and he follows me absolutely everywhere when i'm home it's the exact opposite of frisco who is totally independant. zorro sleeps in my bed with me and usually like to sleep next to me.
i kind of think he's also socially awkward cuz it's terriblely shy of new people and animals but i'm trying to socailize him more so he won't be crazy when he gets older. lol

of all the dogs that i've had, i'll have to say that this guy is pretty much my favorite :]
cuz mostly my other dogs were outside dogs and weren't really allowed inside and regretfully never really spent that much time with them :(
we first got frisco from my cousin cuz he used to belong to her. she kind of got him as a graduation present after high school and she was supposed to go to a college in san francisco and that's where frisco's name came from. she also got him from one of her friends as well.
we was the HYPEREST puppy i've ever seen and he was an absolutely adorable puppy :]
he was like a kangaroo born in a dog's body he could jump so high!
he used to be an outside dog when i got him and i didn't really spend that much time with him either. he used to hang out with another older dog named lacey, but when she died he kind of made his way inside the house somehow.
he's pretty smart and i've taught him a number of tricks. i'm really proud of him cuz of how loyal and smart he is :] he's also really pretty too cuz of his shiny fur [[gee i hope i don't sound like a crazy dog lady o___o]]
i know before i got zorro i was trying to teach him how to get stuff from the cabinet downstairs and bring it to me haha. we were pretty close too! he catches on pretty fast ;]
he's spent the most time with me cuz i'm usually stuck at home a lot so we usually just chill around the house and teach him tricks
haha "z for zorro!!"

so i really hope i didn't sound like a crazy dog lady. [[i spend a lot of time with my dogs cuz i'm stuck at home like i said so they keep me company :] ]] and i think next week, i'll think of something better to blog about on here. lol

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