Wednesday, March 31, 2010

i love my store :] [[ross]]

went "driving" with my mom yesterday aaannnddd it turned into a shopping opportunity at my local japanese market mitsuwa and the ross right next to it :]
bought two maxi dresses

this one is my fav of the two. the print kinda reminded of one of the designs the clothes horse would like to draw when she customized things. anyways, i know it's a maxi dress and all, but DAYMN!! this dress was hella long on me!i was wearing my heels in this photo and it was still too long >___> boo! but i'll figure out a way to fix it sooner or later ;]

i didn't try on the blue maxi dress when i bought it but obviously i tried this one on since i took a dressing room pic. anywho, was pretty glad that this dress didn't make me look like i was drowning in a wave of fabric and actually look good in it to boot.

this peasant tunic looking one

when i first stylied this outfit for my blog i originally just put on this black belt to cinch it in. [[it came with it's own tie but i just wasn't feelin it]] then later on i used this vintage leather belt that i've been meaning to wear for forever instead and paired it with my lovely steve madden boots and i just think it looks a whole lot better don't you? :]

then bought this awesome blue square scarf

i love the gold detail that was woven into the scarf. it makes this basic scarf look a little more special right?

still trying to figure out how else i can wear it but if you guys have any suggestions i am SO totally open to them!

ok, so i didn't buy this cape

but it reminded me of Rebecca from the clothes horse and i just decided to try it on for kicks ;] though i must say, i can't really pull it off as well as she does. ...and i also have nowhere to wear this to since sunny San Diego has become sunny once again. .____.

and last but not least: these highly kick ass studded flats

my trusty blue flats are really starting to show their wear [[partly thanks to my teething puppy zorro =____=]] and i was in need of some new flats. and low and behold! these flats called out to me like a beacon in the sea of mismatched, though very fashion-y, messy shoe aisle at ross. i love them and will wear them for as long as they'll have me :] haha

well, that concludes my blog about the stuff that i bought the other day and soon i will be off to buy some more! >:D or at least remix them into some hella cool looking outfits.

o yea! and i also forgot! i bought another japanese fashion magazine from a used book store called book off. despite the fact that it's three months old i'm still fawning over it just the same x]

Thursday, March 25, 2010

new good things :]

i’ve been on the look out for brand new music and fashion inspiration and the music thing is going kinda slow, but the fashion inspiration is always something i can depend on to keep on coming:]

it’s mostly been coming in on fashion blogs and chictopia [[which i haven’t updated on with a forrreal outfit in a while]]. i’ve usually been using them as a stepping stone. kind of taking what they’re wearing and making it my own by using other pieces that look good on me.

since i don’t have interneet at my house, i usually check out all my inspiration at school and sometimes when i see a whole bunch of outifts that inspirre me or make me wanna try it out i get all excited that i just wanna run home and experiment. x]

but unfortunatly i have to wait several hours to do so xc … but i mostly save the imaages onto my computer to see later :] and aat this rate i’m gonna need an external memory thing…

o well, anywoo, i g2g and will blog again soon :]

btw, i got my blue circle lenses in the mail on monday and contact lenses are such a new thing to me it's crazy 8| but hopfully i'll get better at it :]

Monday, March 22, 2010

skirts skirts skirts!!

well, actually just one skirt: my new favorite black pencil skirt.
it is by far one of my favorite ones to wear when i want to feel sexy and/or girly :]

however, i do feel as if i'm wearing them out by wearing them all the time. [[i can't help it! as iv'e said, it's one of my favorites!!]] and i just noticed it when i was uploading new photos onto my chictopia blog!

yup... there are some more too... i definitly need to go shopping around or at least learn how to get back to wearing jeans again... -,-
well, either way, wish me luck! :D

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

monotone lunch

hmmm first blog post. ;]

went to my local japanese store with my friends rochelle and jan over the weekend and bought a whole bunch of japanese goodies :]

-new bento box [[which i am using today]]
-a domo kun and totoro shirt
-and a japanese fashion magazine with some amazing ideas for outfits!

then galavanted on causing some hilarious antics with rochelle's new puppy teddy jr :] lol

also, in attempting to create a fashion blog i wore this:

only sans heels [[can you imagine shopping for how long in heels?? idk how some girls can do it!]] and in my uniform blue flats.
when i have a favorite pair of shoes, i will wear the heck out of them. well, at least now they're more comfy. they used to feel like bear traps when they were still new. haha
but hey, what's wrong with being comfortable :]

i love ny shirt-"borrowed" from my cousin
black pencil skirt- target
black heels- journey's
necklace -francessca's collections