Thursday, April 29, 2010

cute noms :3

i'm kinda weird when it comes to my hobbies cuz my interests change quite frequently. like right now, i'm really getting into baking.
my two older cousins, eliza and michelle used to bake and make cakes all the time when they used to live in my aunties house, but they still do that at their homes after they moved out, but i still miss it :[
a month ago i finally bought myself a wisk and icing spatula [[cuz mixing batter with a fork is just totally lame >:| and you just can't cover enough of the cake or whatever with a butter knife =____=; ]] at ross and i used it to bake my birthday cake a couple of weeks ago. haha isn't that kinda sad that i had to bake my own birthday cake?? [[i'm super lactose intolerant so it's kind of too much of a hassle to order one. plus it's a lot more fun to personalize it yourself :] ]]

[[p.s. the chocolate icing i used didn't have any milk in it and it's one of those popular mass produced ones!! scooore! haha]]

i also watch ace of cakes whenever i can and if it's a new episode. i mean, cmon! how can you not get inspired by that show?? shows like that just make you want to go out and start your own bakery! :D all they're fondante stuff looks super cute too :] also whenever i watch it, i'm also surprised how much math and sci actually go into some of they're cakes. it's pretty crazy. like some of their architechture cakes. whoa!

i also saw this one episode of las chicas project where they went to a vegan bakery called bleeding hearts bakery and there was this one cake ABSOLUTELY covered in sprinkles and i've been thinking about it everytime i hit up the cake aisle when i go grocery shopping. i can't find a picture of it online unfortunatly but if you guys know what i'm talking about. then, yeeeeeaaa ;D
i've been itching to get some proper cake pans for a while now. nothing fancy, just your basic circle and square ones. also a proper cupcake pan. i bought a silicone one a long time ago, biiiig mistake. the cupcakes stuck to it and ended up looking stupid that even my dad didn't want to eat it. [[that's when you know it's wack ahah]]
right now i'm thnking about having a another girl day with my friends jan rochelle and just be all 50's and girly and bake cakes and cupcakes [[anyone having a bake sale?? ;D haha]]
i saw a blog on my xanga about some really creative cakes and it's just making me even more anxious to start baking x] i've also googled "cute cupcakes" and indeed, i saw some pretty cute cupcakes [[prepare for cute overload!]]
alike so:

i want these cupcakes! they look so yummy and chic! plus i adore chanel so how can i possibly resist?? >:9

ok, how can you say no to these?? so adorable! who doesn't think food with cute anime like faces are cute?

some of these cupcakes just speak for themselves. like "hii! i'm super cute and tasty! eaaattt meeee! >:D" haha

this is totally clever and i would definitly make this for the nerd in my life and maybe for my adorable nephews

so maybe these might not be the cutest cupcakes to, mmm maybe most of you guys, but i'm a sucker for domo-kun and his silly shinanigans. sorry if they're a bit scary but they literally made me lol when i saw them.

i just like these cuz i thought the color of the icing is really pretty :] [[note to self:get those piping nozzles!]] sometimes less=more :]

maybe next time when i got to michael's or ross [[where i got my wisk and spatula]] or walmart/target i'll buy myself some proper baking gear. [[maybe i'll make myself a cute little ruffled apron a la alice in wonderland! been wanting one of those too forEVER!]]

i guess the artist in me just wants to be challenged cuz i haven't really drawn or painted or pretty much anything in a long time and i guess styling myself just insn't enough. on to the next thing! baaaaking!! >:D
so hopfully the girls and i can do this in the next couple of weeks when we hang out. i'm excited! :D

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

universal studios!! :D

i really need to start updating this more...

anywoo, went to universal studios with my family a couple of weeks ago and had a pretty good time. i haven't been there in YEARS!! and i can't believe how much has changed! they took out so many rides ;____; [[e.t. went home....]] and i don't know if it was me or not, but was universal always that small? o___O
but still, it was fun to go to hollywood just the same. seeing that hollywood sign [[sans smog]] just makes you feel like dreamin :] i also kinda hoped that maybe we'd be exploring hollywood itself [[and maybe sneak away and look for kat von d's tattoo shop ;D i want to get my tattoo already! >___<]] but we just headed to universal studios.

btw, this is what i wore:

the jacket was my cousin matthews that he hasn't worn since elem school so i saved it :] also made the crazy decision of wearing my new studded flats which ended up making me feel as if i had been wearing a bear trap all day...but i thought i still looked cute ;]

one of the first "rides" we went on was the tram tour of the studios. there was so much film hist around there i felt like my eyes had turned into saucers the whole tour. i also wished i had 360 vision so i could see what was around me. so amazing!

this was supposed to be the part where jaws came out and "ate somebody" and came towards us [[it all looked so fake it was kinda funny. lol]] also, sorry that the pictures look so crappy. my digi camera is old and was not up for an adventure filled day so i took all of these w my camera phone c{:

bet you guys know where this is frooom ;] PSYCHO!! [[unfortunatly i have not had the pleasure of watching the whole thing but i still appreciate the film as a piece of american iconography. plus i like how movies were shot back then]] in hindsight, i kind of regret not taking this photo in b&w. that would've been awesome!
plus idk if you can see norman bates there carrying out a body out of the motel there but that was taking place when we drove by
there was a part when the tram went to the flooded subway studio and the tour guide said that a scene from "bones" was shot there, i totally geeked out and screamed and pretty much the whole tram heard me. haha

eventually made our way down to the lower level and there is this abnormally long succession of escalators and stairs.

the famous cousin yvanna and i messing around on the escalators since the had two right next to each other going the same direction

when we got down there, we made a bee line for the jurassic park ride. the line was pretty long so just ended up taking gurilla shots of yvanna [[shes gonna get mad me if she sees that i posted up a pic of her on my blog. ahha but she's so pretty :] ]]

the anticipation! [[though i must say, i was a bit disappointed i didn't get soaked like how i had expected...:sigh: o well]]

krustyland which replaced the back to the future ride. a bit sad that it's gone but the simpson's ride was actually pretty funny and very fun as well :] my cousins aren't really allowed to watch the simpsons [[which is a crying shame btw]] and they showed clips from the show while we were all waiting in line so everybody in line was pretty much laughing :]
after a while i got tired of taking pictures and just enjoyed the park and ended it with a delicious panda candy apple [[apple+caramel+mashmallow creme+finely crushed oreos= kawaii party in my mouth! :D]] i miss it and i'll probably end up trying to make out myself one day. one day...

the end :]

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

it rained love that day :]

my birthday was last saturday and i had a big ol picnic with my fav people [[my friends and fam]] and i don't really know what it is about birthdays, but they just make me feel so damn loved :3
anywoo, we had it at a marina park in a little place in san diego called seaport village. [[when coming to san diego, that is one of the places to see and is a one of the top destinations for photo ops]] and had a grand ol time. undoubtedly we all took a lot of pictures, but i think all the pictures would be a bit much for my blog. [[plus i'm still waiting for some of my other friends to post up some of the pictures so i can "steal" tghem and post them up here.]]
but for now, i'll post up some of the stuff i got for my birthday cuz they're jsut all really cute :]

an ice cream cone ballon in my fav flavors since i'm lactose intolerant. thanks guys! :D

a vintage flower vase which is totally gonna become a family heirloom when i get my own family :}

a swallow and birdcage necklace from my neice leanza :]

a bedazzled sunglass necklace [[so glam!! i'm even wearing it right now!]]

a rosary from one of my best friends jan :] [[we kinda have an inside joke about rosaries and hot topic and her grandma so that's probably why she got it for me]] i really love the length of it cuz i'm kind of a long necklace kinda girl and i think it looks pretty cool when it's long like this :]

a pair of handmade vintage earrings from my friend charlene [[she has an etsy people!! buy from her!!]] it's really pretty and i wore it to church this past sunday with my white f21 dress. [[though i forgot to take a picture of my whole outfit with the earrings on when i took this picture last night]]

paintings made by my friend angeli. they're so amazing! i am basically amazed when people make like, hand made things and original pieces like what angeli and charlene did. i'll probably, evetually get one of angeli's paintings/drawings tattooed on me or soemthing. theyr'e jsut that cool [[also, sorry that the picture is kidna blurry. i took it with my camera phone. my reg digi cam kinda sucks so i'm kinda saving up for a new one atm]]

another one of angeli's paintings. i love how two of the foxes are wearing sweaters [[i watched fantastic mr fox the other day as well so the painting kinda reminded me of it so that made me smile a little more than i already was :]]] i'm also loving all the little details as well. cuz when you realize how long it takes to actually do all that stuff, you kinda appreciate it more.

absolutely alice nail polish from opi that my cousin yvanna got me a week ago before my birthday and an alice in wonderland pin from disneyland when she was there last friday. i thought she coordinated her presents really well but then i thought again and she probably didn't even notice that she had even done that. she just knows i love alice :]

well, that's it for now, i'll post up more pictures as soon as i can ;]

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

shuffle shuffle shuffle

ok so as you guys know i'm still new here to blog spot and fashion blogging in general and i'm still trying to work all the kinks out. [[still thinking about renaming this blog, what to call different things...]]

but as of right now i'm just trying to show what i wear and the stuff behind it. :] [[like funny stories and what not]]

anywoo, so a couple of nights ago i started experimenting with my stripped long sleeve rodarte top to see what other outfits i could make with it.
i wanted to show how versitile a black and white stripped top was and started pairing it with other things besides my black pencil skirt and jeans.

ok so i know i jsut said i wanted to show more than me doing the typical parisian looking route but i thought that it's a pretty good standard looking outfit right?? plus i love the color pallet of red, black and white :]

[[merona skirt, wal-mart tights, steve madden boots and old navy scarf]]

[[hand me down jumper, dollhosue flats and f21 feathered headband]]

again, going with the black white and red color pallet [[hey i can't help myself!]] only this outfit wasn't as great as i had anticipated. baggy and unfitted is not in my favor here. -_____-;

[[francessca's collections necklace, cotton on firework skirt and dollhouse flats]]
i posted this outfit up on my chictopia blog yesterday and i blogged how when i first wore this skirt, i paired it with a simple black v neck cuz i thought the skirt itself was already pretty colorful and i didn't really want to overshadow it with any other top but this time around, i think my basic stripped top looked pretty good with it yea? it's simple enough to let the skirt have it's moment but interesting enough that the outfit it's self didn't look too plain.
plus i wore this outfit to church with me last saturday when i was getting confirmed into my church only i put on some black tights and lost the chain neckace to make it look more modest.

[[gold mask from a costume store, rose skirt from target and my new fav flats, the black dollhouse flats]]

ok, so it kinda looked like i just changed the skirt and put on a different necklace, but i was trying to rotate on all the skirts i've been aquiring lately. [[they've all been a bit neglected since i've been wearing my pencil skirt most of this time]] i got this mask at a costume store downtown here in San Diego for halloween a couple of years ago but i never really got to wear it so i decided to just wear it as a necklace for this outfit to make it seem a bit more romantic and also cuz it's fun to play with when you're bored ;]

[[f21 dress [[worn as skirt]], and old navy red scarf]]

so...this might not be my best outfit that i created for myself what with it being kinda bulky or whatever...but eh, like i said, i was experimenting! and i haven't worn this dress since my junior year in high school which is kind of a shame cuz the color and pleating on the skirt looks so damn pretty! to tell you the truth i felt like some kind of truffle chocolate[[in the best way of course!]] and i did spend a little time swishing and twirling in it. haha x]

[[francessca's collections black horn necklace, vintage levi's leather belt, f21 black and white floral dress [[worn as skirt]]and dollhouse flats]]

this one i was about to wear to church last saturday for getting confirmed but i changed my mind last min cuz the dress just did not want to be a skirt for a couple of hours x| but i thought it looked good at the time and so did my mom [[which is kinda weird cuz my mom and i dont usually agree on the stuff i wear all the time, like any other teen and mom duo, but this time she said she didn't think it looked weird...odd]] so i hope you guys dont' think it looks weird >___<

well, yea, that's all i got right now in terms of my stripped top. i love it and i hope you guys will love yours too and experiment more.
byyyeeee :D